~*Sleeping With Lolgagas*~

Our beloved followers,

We miss our lolgagas and we want to make a comeback. We have been lacking posts lately, we know and we’re sorry. We’re too lazy to sign onto this specific blog because it was created before we had our own.

On that note, we have recreated lolgagas, same url of course and connected it to our blogs. This blog will always be lolgagasarchive.tumblr.com if you really wanna look through them all. We’re going to work on reblogging some of the good ones so they’re not lost.

We hope all of you follow us once again and we won’t disappoint.

It’s time to put this shit ton of posts to rest. Time to start fresh. Thank you for all your contributions and we hope to see all of you over on the new blog.

Goodnight lovelies, 


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blogging and selfies u?

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  • gaga: makes fans spend 2 hours watching her sleep
  • gaga: gets up
  • gaga: sprays pussy with fame
  • gaga: pee's in bucket
  • gaga: leaves
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Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea gaga


Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea gaga

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omg why is princess is princess high my new nickname

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10,601 plays

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Anonymous said: Could you include an archive on this page please? :) i want to browse the lols from when they started ahaha x

Sure! I’ll add one on the blog as well xoxo


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gurl what are you taking a pic of gagas next to u 

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